As I'm sitting here listening to this man ramble on about stuff i really don't care about, I'm thinking to myself why am i just sitting here pretending to laugh and smiling when all i really want to say is shut up, i don't care, go away! And then i remember.....

"Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men."
~Joseph Conrad~

So i guess it's my job to just deal with it.



Well beth has inspired me to write down all that i was thinking about today. About how i need to get back in touch with my old self. before i became a boring wife/mother haha, theres time for that later. Derek and i used to do the craziest things but suddenly it all changed when we got married and i got pregnant, i guess i kept telling myself that i needed to grow up and be responsible. But what the heck happened?! Im not saying that im not confident in myself because i am, just in a different way. i used to be a lot more spontaneous than i am now, i used tolaugh a lot more, there is this certain laugh that i used to do when i could barely breath, i know it was dereks favorite but i cant remember the last time i laughed like that. I used to be able to laugh pretty much anything off, but now i usually just get irritated (which could have to do with my lack of sleep). Anyways these are just a few of the things that i want to get back from "teenage" whitney.

  • Lose 25 pounds

  • work out at least 4 times a week

  • Finish p90x (this one will be tough)

  • Leave the house more! Derek is starting to call me a vampire

  • Cook at least 1 meal a week

  • Do at least 1 load of laundry a day

  • Pay attention to my feelings, if i need Whitney time, tell derek that i need whitney time

  • Get back that laugh that dereks loves

  • Dont get irritated just laugh it off

  • think positively

  • Be more open to spontaneous ideas, if derek wants to go to vegas for the weekend, dont plan it out, just go!

  • buy a new car (it might help....its a good excuse :))

  • The biggest goal of all and most definitely the hardest...go to church every sunday and pay full tithing.

i think if i do all of these things the best that i can i will be more like my old self, jsut with an amazing husband and baby added to the mix :)


where does time go??

Gage was 1 month old yesterday!

Where has my time with my brand new little newborn gone?? He has grown out of so many clothes already, he is getting so long!! Although im glad he is growing and healthy, im still sad he is getting so big so fast.


A growing boy!!

We went to Gage's 2 week check up today! He is doing fabulous! He is getting so much bigger and eating a lot more lately. The doctor was impressed by how well he could keep his head up by himself and by how well he could follow things with his eyes. It was fun to visit all my friends at work and pass Gage around, we were there for 3 hours!! Lately Gage has been awake a lot more during the day, just laying and looking around, which is making him sleep a lot better at night. He still loves to be cuddly which Mom and the Grandmas love. He is still getting the hiccups 3-5 times a day but at least they dont make him mad!



1 week later...

Gage is just over 1 week old now, he has already changed so much! He is a good little baby. He started having "gas smiles" the last couple days which are so cute, I cant wait until we can get him to smile. He is using his neck a lot and hopefully soon will be able to hold his head up by himself. Everyday he has a couple hours where he is awake and just lays there listening to whats going on around him, luckily this is usually around the time Derek gets home from work so he flies him around the house making airplane noises. Gage loves taking naps with mommy and daddy, he is a very cuddly baby which we are trying to take advantage of. He has his 2 week appointment next week with Dr. Hafen, we are excited to see how much he has grown already!


New Addition!!

On February 11, 2011,(our due date) I started feeling contractions at 2:30 AM, pacing around the house all night, I finally woke up Derek to go to the hospital at 6:30 AM when they were finally consistent enough to go. We were admitted to the hospital at 7:00, "today's the day you are going to have your baby!" the nurse told us. Excitedly we texted and called everyone we could think of. Grandparents from both sides showed up anxiously waiting the birth of the first grandchild. After 11 and a half long and boring hours at the hospital, the doctor came in and said "ok it's time to start pushing." Not knowing what to expect, we nervously did as the nurse told us and..pushed!! Derek was there the whole time giving encouraging words and holding my hand, he even counted me through the pushes and contractions. At 7:26 PM our little baby boy was born. Gage Travis H Mellor was 7 pounds and 19.5 inches long. Mommy got to hold him for a few minutes, then he was rushed off to be checked out. Daddy got to hold his hand through his first tests and first bath. We both instantly fell in love with this little guy. My great grandpa Harold Liljenquist died on the morning that Gage was born, he would have been his first great great grandchild. We decided to add an H in Gage's name in memory of him, also my grandpa's name is Harold and Derek's grandpas name is Harold so it really is for all of them. Derek is already tossing Gage around and having fun with him, he is such a good daddy. Gage is our whole world and we wouldn't change one thing if we could.


I've decided it's finally time I update my blog and try to keep it updated :)..we will see how that goes. So since I've last posted it feels like my life has taken a complete turn...
*Derek and I are officially married
* We are having a baby!
* We are living on our own and working on closing on our new house at the end of this month
* I work full time (never thought that would happen) haha

The Baby! I am now 6 months along today! It feels like that past 6 months have gone by so fast and the next 3 are going to take forever. We found out a couple months ago that it is a little boy we are both so excited. The name we have picked out is Gage Travis Mellor. I never thought buying little boy clothes and trying to picture a baby that teeny would be so exciting, but it sure is. Trying to imagine someone that is part Derek and part me is so amazing. Gage has been kicking at me for weeks now, i have even been able to see him moving across my belly. Last night was the first night that Derek has seen him Kick it was so cute to see how excited he was to know that there is something really in there. Even though Derek thinks he is scared of babies, baby slobber, and baby poop, he is going to be such a great daddy and I'm so excited to see him first hold Gage and be there throughout his life.

The wedding! The wedding was amazing! We got married outside at the American Fork Amphitheater, the weather just happened to be cooperative and my mom worked so hard on making sure everything looked amazing, which it did. It was so perfect, and it was really fun to have both of our families hanging out together. We went on our honeymoon to park city for the first night then drove to my family's cabin in Yellowstone for a couple days. We went through the park, went swimming at the firehole and did a lot of shopping! It was so fun to get away just the two of us.

House! Right now we are living with Derek's aunt in Lehi way up by Thanksgiving Point, we love living there but it's just so far away. Derek is working at Security Metrics in Orem, and I am working at a doctor's office in American Fork, since all of our friends and our parents both live in Orem we are down there a lot. We found a duplex right down the street from both of our parent's houses. If everything works out we will rent out the top and just live in the basement and slowly fix it up as we live there. Right now our closing date is Nov. 29, if everything goes smoothly we will be able to move in the first weekend of December, which will be on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! :)

Derek and I both love our jobs, and we both love each other. It's amazing how fast I am learning how to be a grown up. Derek still has to remind me to put things away after I use them and to clean up after myself so that he doesn't have to (which I'm still working on). He is such an amazing husband and i don't think that anyone else would be as patient with me as he is.

I will post some pictures of our wedding and of the baby and try to keep this updated as best as i can :)



It's official! Derek and I are finally getting married. We have done so much planning already with the help of my mom and we still have so much more to go. We're trying to get invitations out this week so we need everyone's addresses sent to our facebooks or phones!
Today we went and looked at cakes, still deciding what style i want. Also my mom, dad and I went and bought my wedding dress. Its so gorgeous im really excited to wear it.
Hopefully tonight we can take a break from wedding planning and go hang out at summerfest.
Anyways give me all your addresses!!


Laser Tagging!!!!

We went laser tagging on friday with our friends amy and eric and it was soo fun! we kicked butt. We also saw the movie yes man twice. very funny! and we saw seven pounds.
If anyone wants to challenge us to laser tagging, you're on!